4 steps to transition your business

Step 1: Plan your future – Details Matter

Because transitioning an Advisor's business is a big undertaking, U.S. Wealth Management has dedicated a vast amount of resources to make sure it goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We call our proprietary service NATE (New Advisor Transition Excellence), where we have mapped out a 160-point process.

Our full transition planning services include:

  • Developing a pre-transition plan
  • Creating an onboarding checklist
  • Preparing transition paperwork, including the use of eSignature, where appropriate

Step 2: Set up your business

Because Advisors joining U.S. Wealth Management are provided a dedicated transition team with hands on assistance, the well thought out preparation makes for a smooth transition.

Together, with our experienced team, Advisors can minimize gaps and eliminate common transition issues.

With the added assistance, Advisors can effectively change firms in a matter of weeks, rather than months to complete. Our internal daily transition meetings help advisors get acclimated to the new systems before they make the move. On your transition day, the team is on hand and ready for any last minute items that may come up.

Step 3: Transition and communicate the good news

The detailed checks also apply to the numerous marketing steps that a new Advisor needs to consider. From business cards to press releases and a new web site, the NATE team helps Advisors lay out a communications plan that is ready to implement on break day.

For many Advisors, marketing is a challenge. By choosing to join U.S. Wealth Management, Advisors get an experienced team that can work to create and implement a successful and compliant communication strategy.

Step 4: Onboard your clients

We partner closely with you for a successful transition of the clients you select to be a part of our business together.

A dedicated corporate team means support and accessibility when you need it.